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oh wow T0ASTK1NG's gallery :U omg!!!!1337!!!



ayyeee lmao

• What is the name of your fursona?
Phoenix Valentine

• Where did the name of your Fursona come from?
i got his first name while looking at a trans am's hood and was like aye i can dig that

• What species is your fursona and why did you choose that species?
red fox/wolf mix idek anymore hes just very big ok

• What color is your fursona and why? Hair/fur/eyes/etc
uuuuhhh idk i like darker reds so why not

his hair is long and ridiculous for someone his age (grow up old man)

and his eyes are green cause it stands out against the red and looks nice

• What is your fursona's personality and how does this compare to your RL personality?
id say we're pretty much the same personality wise

silent around most people unless around people that are close to him, then at times he needs to be told to shut up

• What is one item your fursona owns that is significant to you in RL?
pffhaha not a damn thing except maybe my labtop or DS idk

• How has your fursona changed over the years?
he was orange for like the first 2 weeks i had him

then his claws got big

gave him retractable tentacles (because of gross reasons ohoho) which turn into wings in times of extreme danger

• How long have you had this fursona?
around 3 years or so

• Would you like to be more like your fursona?
eh idk honestly

Any Fun Facts about your fursona?
he's immortal and 444 years old atm

his claws are a form of obsidian and count for like half his finger making it impossible to masturbate

the tentacles are made from the same kind of glass as his claws but in tentacle form its more of a liquid

and the wings dont look feathery, think of broken wind shards that are very thin and very sharp

  • Listening to: white walls by macklemore


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States

cool things:
human centipedes
small cars
very large cars
pocket pistols
big ass knifes

BRO LIST/LOVERS: :icondrawingwithheart: :iconihazelis: :iconkapias: :iconclubsofmeloncholy: :iconapoca7ypse: :iconmirandooom: :iconbad-luck-wolf: :iconhodeskalle: :iconstrictly-strange: :iconsynge-a-saurus: :iconmalisu:…

i found this on youtube and thought id share:
I used to not know how to make delicious, puffy scrambled eggs. I lost my job. My wife left me. My children wouldn't respect me. Old people would spit at me on the street. I developed a crippling addiction to meat tenderizer. Thanks to this video, my life has been completely turned around! I no longer stutter when I talk, and women don't attempt to claw my eyes out when I speak to them. I have developed a pronounced hunch, though, because I now drag around a 3 foot penis. Thanks, HTB!

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